It all started with pain of not being able to find a surf course we wanted. When it came to finding a surf school that offered the conditions we were looking for, the only solution was to search on google. There were many different schools with different sites, offers and designs. A big mess for someone who just wanted to figure out a surf trip with friends. The process was complex: sending emails, calling and asking if they offered the course for the dates we wanted and for the level we needed etc…

Then we asked ourselves : why does it have to be so complicated?

This is how the Vacucu idea was born. We decided to do it the other way around, and give the voice to you. Vacucu is the first booking platform for outdoor activities where you can create your customized trip and get offers created exclusively for you.

Vacucu doesn’t want only to simplify the booking process or save your time, it also allows you to get fair offers with a price adjusted to your needs. Now you can be the creator and design your trip!

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